Add Instant Curb Appeal For Under $100

Instant Curb Appeal For Under $100(courtesy:

There are dozens of small, inexpensive home improvements that you can do to your house to add instant curb appeal. Adding curb appeal to your house not only makes it easier to sell, but it also gives your house that nice and finished look in which you can take pride in. When deciding on how to add instant curb appeal to your house, make sure your consider what your house currently looks like and what will look best with it. Also, consider how much time you have to put into your home improvement project and what your budget is.

Here are a few DIY home improvement projects that all cost under $100 and will add instant curb appeal to your house.

1. Paint Your Front Door, Trim, or Shutters on Your House

Most exterior paint will cost you approximately $25 a gallon. To paint your trim, shutters, or front door it on your house, it should not take you more than $100, unless you have a very big house. Painting your home can definitely add some brightness and revive your house while adding curb appeal. Pick a bold color that makes your house stick out, but just make sure that you match it to the rest of the colors on your house. This home improvement project may take several hours depending on how much you choose to paint, so plan for at least a day of painting.

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