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A long time ago, before time began, land was formed. Since the first land was formed billions of years ago, plants, animals, and then humans have struggled to claim pieces of it. Wars have been fought over land in the past, and continue in many parts of the world today. In America, we have a more orderly way of claiming our piece of the rock. We purchase and sell real estate in a rather orderly manner using professional real estate agents to assist us. If you are seeking a real estate agent with local knowledge of the land, then you must consider speaking with me first.

I have been using the Tahoe/Truckee area as a recreation destination since just after birth in the early 1950′s. In 1964 my skiing parents constructed a second home in Alpine Meadows. Shortly after, in 1970, I moved to Tahoe permanently.

My real estate ventures began in 1971 when the Department of Real Estate graced me with a license to practice in this state. My goal in living at Tahoe has been to create a life style that is balanced between the enjoyment of the outdoor activities available in this area (skiing, mountain bike riding, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking among others), and the pursuit of excellence in the world of real estate. If you choose me as your realtor, my goal is to offer professional representation in a fun environment.